Casey Bolding 720-220-5290

Born: Denver, Colorado 1987
Currently: Living and working in Brooklyn, NY

2016 Victori and Mo, 30 under 30 group show, New York

2016 Head Too Heavy, Group show New York

2017 Settling The Ghost, Young Space group show, Wisconsin

2017 Crutch Kid, Deep Space Gallery solo show, New Jersey

2018 In Motion, 1AM Generator, Oakland

2018 Us, Ed Varie group show, New york


Casey Bolding’s anxious and often subliminally suggestive works are brief glimpses into the humanoid yin yang. Although he is known primarily for painting, ‘the language of human libido and the suffering of desire demands expression by any means necessary’. Through extensive experimentation in both medium and substrate, Casey’s work takes on a high art facade, executed with low brow materials. The figures in his paintings appear as realized children’s drawings, trapped in the push and pull of the exaggerated growing pains of the last pre internet generation. Crumpled wrists and hot red hands clutching onto tools for both creation and destruction provide a condensed look at the beauty and horror of the human drama.